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The Transcendence Series 8oz

"Love this product! Keeps my hot drink hot to the very last drop! Easy to clean, looks great, perfect design and no waste to the planet."

  • World's First Shatterproof Ceramic 

  • 3 Hours Hot, 6 Hours Cold

  • Good Designs Award Winner 2018-2020

  • Odorless, No More Metallic Aftertastes

  • Beveled Rim For A Seamless Sipping Experience 

Unicorn Purple + Cosmic GreenUnicorn PurpleCosmic Green


What is the Transcendence Series?

Oh, we love this question! The inspiration came from the very core of our product, and the hashtag we call #sttokemoment.

The glittery/spacey inspiration represents the mental space, having the luxury and time where a person thinks into the beyond. The time spend in dwelling over an idea, over an inspiration, a conversation. The team agree, things can get too fast paced sometimes; business decisions, day to day decisions. We wanted to dedicate this season to the thinkers, the dreamers, the visionaries because we too at STTOKE want to make sure we make conscious, long term decisions as we do our day to day work.

Our product, is designed to lengthen conversations, lengthen thinking time through the insulation 3 hours insulation. And we hope by lengthening that time, it allows you more porch thinking time, to find your #sttokemoment.

What is the inspiration behind the Unicorn Purple?

This color is dedicated to the statement makers! The ones who really want to tell something to the world. All that pent up thoughts, anger, ideas that has been in their mind. The Unicorn Purple is made for exactly them!

The bright purple in Unicorn Purple stands for creativity, expression! While the glittery signifies the thoughts behind it.

Tell me more about the Cosmic Green

The Cosmic Green, is made for the thinkers, the visionaries, people who are subtly sophisticated in their minds. We want them to carry their identity in this cup that looks black from afar, but the detail as you approach.

Things aren’t always what they seem, and that is the identity of our Cosmic Green users!