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The 16oz - 100% Leak Proof

We're proud to bring you.The 16oz. Made with our signature Shatter-Proof Ceramic for.Taste Retention and now 100% Anxiety Free.Leak Proof technology. Ships on the 30th Nov. 

  • Early Bird Pricing on Pre Orders

  • 100% Leak Proof

  • 16oz Capacity / 470ml 

  • Shatter-Proof Ceramic, World's First

  • 6 Hours Hot / 8 Hours Cold

  • Car cup holder friendly

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16oz lookbook

Is the 16oz made of Shatter Proof Ceramic? 

Yes, our signature German Engineered Shatter Proof Ceramic has been improved and applied to The 16oz to ensure taste retention as well keeping the product odorless. 

Our Shatterproof Ceramic also takes 3x faster to clean compared to other reusable cups/household cups. 

How is the 16oz different from other tumblers?

In comparison to other tumblers/commuter cups out there, The 16oz adapts STTOKE's signature ceramic interior for taste retention.

Other reusable cups that have stainless steel interiors usually absorb your coffee's taste and leave a weird lingering odor after a few uses. 

The 16oz was designed with a parabolic (rounded) bottom that allows every drop of your drink to flow out effortless without being trapped in the corners. 

Does the 16oz keep your beverage Hot/Cold?

Yes! The 16oz will keep your beverages hot for up to 6 Hours and cold for up to 10 Hours. We want our customers to feel that every sip is like their first.

How long will it take for my 16oz to reach? 

Depending on whether you get into the VIP list, Pre-Orders will ship out on the30th November typically takes about 10-15 working days to reach you. Do allow about 2-3 days for us to process your orders as well as we expect volumes to be heavy during this launch.

Feel free to reach out to after confirming your STTOKE 16oz order if you have any questions regarding your order! 

When will the 16oz be restocked if I didn't make the VIP list? 

The next batch will be in January 2022. We made enough for everyone, do try your best to get in the VIP list while you can.

How Leak Proof is The 16oz? 

The 16oz is meant to be 100% Leak Proof to make sure that your commutes/adventures are anxiety free. Say goodbye to unwanted spills in your bags or during intense train/bus rides.

(Believe us, we tested everything) 

Can I wholesale The 16oz? 

Yes, you can. STTOKE is recognized in over 20+ countries at the moment. Do reach out to for more enquiries.

For any immediate orders, we urge you to reach out as soon as convenient as our current distributors have already booked a majority of our inventory for this launch. 

Will International Shipping be available for The 16oz Launch?

Yes, we currently ship worldwide. Delivery fees vary on your desired country as well as shipping times.

Does The 16oz come with a warranty? What about a Money-Back-Guarantee?

STTOKE offers a 2 Year Warranty on The 16oz. You'll receive a link to register your FREE 2 Year Warranty after your purchase.

Feel free to for any warranty enquiries and Paige, our Customer Success manager will personally get back to you on this matter!