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"Love this product! Keeps my hot drink hot to the very last drop! Easy to clean, looks great, perfect design and no waste to the planet."

  • World's First Shatterproof Ceramic 

  • 3 Hours Hot, 6 Hours Cold

  • Good Designs Award Winner 2018-2020

  • Odorless, No More Metallic Aftertastes

  • Beveled Rim For A Seamless Sipping Experience 

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How did this project came about?

One of the many mission of STTOKE was to spread the awareness of specialty coffee around the world. We often get comments from our international ads about why are our cups so small, 3 hours insulation is not enough. 

While at home, we ask opposite questions like why do people like Starbucks at all, why are coffee so bad outside Australia.

But what is interesting for us proud Australian is seeing Collingwood's Proud Mary expanding to Portland, United States, and knowing that bigger brands like Blue Bottle is inspired by Australian coffee culture.

What is Australian coffee culture?

It’s simple. It’s not about what your order, how fast it’s being served, but how you enjoy it – with people. While it’s true that coffee fuels our day, but if we think about it, it’s the people around coffee that fuels it.

And we want to share exactly that, to the rest of the world. And it’s already happening!

Who is Octavia Tomyn?

Octavia is a wonderful lady, with a unique way of telling story, through her paintings. Coming from Melbourne, her morning routine of going to a café just around her house to pick up a morning beverage, catching up with the locals. 

Those were the highlight of her mornings, more so now during the lockdown where the opportunity of meeting people is so much lesser.