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Enjoy your Ice Cream FROZEN for 6 Hours

No more warm beer, no more rushing

fruit juice stays fRESH, the way it should be

An experience like never before, in your hands


International Priority Shipping 

We have partnered up with Sustainable Logistic companies all over the world to provide you the quickest and most sustainable modes of shipping possible. 

2 Year Quality Assurance Warranty

Our product is backed by a 2 year Warranty. The Sttoke Team has worked incredibly  hard in coming up with the right product qualities to suit your everyday needs.

Redefining Sustainability

We strive to be the best at Redefining Sustainability. Be it in the bar, on a date to impress, or even while making a fresh fruit juice at home, Sttoke is here to change sustainability. 

Versatility at it's best, sustainability redefined

We created the Sttoke Lite with one very simple purpose - Versatility. Combining our core value that drives the entire brand, Sustainability, Sttoke Lite is here to take your daily routine to a different height.

100% Shatter Proof, 100% Sustainable Living, 100% Saving The Earth 

Top Notch Food Grade Stainless Steel, Naturally Antibacterial 

No More Stale Tasting Fruit Juice, Enjoy It Fresh The Whole Day

It's called ICE Cream For A Reason, We Want It To Stay That Way - Enjoy Your ICE Cream For 6 Hours

We Can't Be Friends If You Love Warm Beer, We Just Can't. Sttoke Lite Helps You Enjoy Your Beer COLD

Redefining Sustainability

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All New - Sttoke Lite

Now Only


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Sttoke Lite x1 (worth : $25)
  • Free Sttoke Pouch (Worth : $7.99) 
  • Free Monogramming (Worth : $9.99)

Note : All Pre-Orders are Limited and will Shipped on the 25th of August

Sttoke Lite - Double Trouble



Now Only


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Sttoke Lite x2 (worth : $50) 
  • Free Sttoke Pouch x2 (Worth : $14.99)
  • Free Crystal Black Lid  x2  (Worth : $19.99) 
  • Free Monogramming (worth : $19.99)

Note : All Pre-Orders Are Limited And Will Shipped On The 25th Of August  

Sttoke Lite - Premium



Now Only


100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Sttoke Lite x2 (Worth : $50) 
  • Sttoke Classic 12oz x1 (Worth : $44.95) 
  • Sttoke Pouch x3 (Worth : $23.99)
  • Free Monogramming (Worth : $30) 

Note : All Pre-Orders Are Limited And Will Shipped On The 25th Of August  

"I've Never Had Freezing Cold Beer The Whole Way During My Daily Netflix Session LOL"

Shanice - Chief Product Developer

Product Highlights

Shipping And Delivery

  • All Pre-Orders for Sttoke Lite will be shipped out by the 25th of August 2020 using our own Sustainable Shipping Line.
  • All packages are Insured and Sanitized twice before and during delivery. This is to ensure our customers feel safe and secure when buying from us. 

Monogramming FAQ

All Pre-Orders have FREE monogramming worth $10. Personalize the Sttoke Lite for yourself or your loved ones. 


Free pouches, Free Lids, Free Monogramming. If not now, then when?

All New - Sttoke Lite
Carbon BlackFrost White



Unforgettable First Sip, Satisfying Last Sip

Save The Earth, While Holding Your Beer

2 Time Award Winning Design 

Free Worldwide International Sustainable Shipping

Don't Miss Out!


What's The Difference with the Sttoke Classic? 

The Sttoke Classic has always been revolving around one thing - The Perfection of a good cup of Specialty Coffee. Using German Engineered Greblon Ceramic, The Sttoke Classic is made to bring out every note of your perfectly made brew. 

The Sttoke Lite however, has been engineered in every way focusing and honing down on that one trait - Freshness. We wanted Versatility, bringing you a new experience in enjoying Ice Cream (No more melting, No More Plastic Cups), enjoying beer (Cause who on earth enjoys warm beer??) and enjoying Fresh Fruit Juice (have you tasted Fruit Juice left for more than half an hour...?).

What do I get if I Pre-Order Today? 

Depending on the bundle of your choice, the Sttoke Team made sure that by Pre-Ordering The Sttoke Lite you'll be entitled for all the freebies that comes with Pre-Ordering. 

It is the biggest value bundle launch we have ever done and we hope you'll enjoy the hard work we've put in planning and executing The Sttoke Lite. 

When will I receive my Sttoke Lite? 

Depending on the country you're from, we take no more than a month to ship out your order worldwide.

Our Pre-Order ends on the 25th of August and we'll ship out your order as soon as we close our Pre-Orders. However, we may surprise you and ship it the earlier you place your order!

Does the Sttoke Lite come with warranty? 

Definitely! It has and always will be one of our core values to provide our customers with top-line quality in everything we produce. Do not hesitate to contact Paige, our Customer Success Executive and she'll handle all your worries. Just do make sure to say hi!