The 8oz Originals Bundle



Awarded globally twice, for achieving a stunning minimalist design while maintaining the shatterproof ergonomics of the cup.

Double wall insulation while keeping the cup light and portable to ensure your specialty beverage stays hot for 3 hours. Cool for 6.



Keeps your coffee hot or cold, the way you like it. The engineering reason behind using ceramic is to elevate and maintain your beverages taste. Combining the trademarked Shatterproof element to this, Sttoke eliminates the fragility disadvantages that exists in normal ceramic cups.


After two years of extensive testing, we finally found the perfect balance of design and practicality. Combining a timeless, minimal design to suit any outfit you pick while holding it with ease, we achieved the perfect Cinderella shoe-fit moment.


Prior to creating the perfect Reusable Cup, we surveyed the market long and hard looking for what beverage lovers lack - practicality. Other reusable cups are hard to clean, hold, and leave a frustrating odour after a couple of uses.

Sttoke ventured with German coating specialist, Greblon. With this, we changed the game making the cup odourless, stainless and practical.


We are on a mission to redefine sustainability, changing the traditional way of "going green" and "eco-friendlyness" one cup at a time. Sttoke is not just a cup, it's a routine.


Have you ever had your coffee after leaving it for 30 minutes? It kind of sucks. We had to change this. Hence we made Sttoke with double insulation, which makes the cup maintain temperature and ultimately making it shatterproof while still made of Greblon Ceramic.


While striving on our mission to Redefine Sustainability, we made no excuse when it came to quality. Sttoke is made of Food Grade Stainless Steel which automatically makes it antibacterial, while still being light, ergonomic, and shatterproof.


In 2019, we realized our customer's were having issues with the drink flow our lid. We changed that by increasing the air flow in December 2019 improving the overall drinking experience. All Sttoke Cups now come together with our Eco-Friendly Recyclable lid.

We also realized that the lid was to tightly attached to the Sttoke. Imagine tugging the lid so hard coffee spills out. We have invested a lot of time and money in re-engineering in a new and improved lid, say hello to the perfect travel cup.

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