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Why should I join the waitlist? 

Apart from launching our most luxurious color range, we'll be running a clearance sale up to 50% OFF only for those who reserved their spots. You really don't want to miss this out! 

What is Urban Desire? 

This is a theme we have been wanting to do since the beginning of the launch of Sttoke in 2018. But we had felt like we had not prove ourselves yet. You see, Sttoke was designed with leaders in mind, the innovators, people who know what they want, who has a specific idea of every choice they make.

After 3 years, and getting validation from our community (hyperlink this to sttoke'd fam group), and a successful color prototype thanks to your product team - this is it. The perfect color appeal befitting the perfect audience in our mind.

Urban Desire would be the perfect companion for the leaders and innovators like yourself, inspiring others with what you do, how you look, even with the a simple accessory in your hands, that piece of vessel that holds your morning coffee that drives your day.

Which color would you recommend I go with?

Urban Desire comes in three unique colors, Rust Brown, Steel Blue, Gunmetal Grey.

We had chose these 3 colors because of its neutral tone, in no regard of gender, yes even Steel Blue. We chose a pop color so unique that it will look just fine in the hands of men, and would look absolutely special for the ladies. It's the perfect representation of gender equality.

Each colors bring a very different flavor, and feeling.

If you like our neutral colors, go for the Gunmetal Grey.

If you like something rustic, go for the Rust Brown.

if you like something that stands out, go for the Steel Blue.