Hi! Welcome to Sttoke Academy. My name is Samuel, and I’m the co-founder of STTOKE. I had started my coffee journey feeling absolutely intimidated by the boujee explanations, so I have started the sttoke academy with one goal, to share my coffee journey as simple as possible.

And from that few years of drinking coffee, it all started with knowing the basics. So what I have done here it broken down the basics and made it a specialty coffee for dummies.

Our vision is to simplify coffee for everybody, to remove the word specialty from the word specialty coffee. Because (spoiler alert), the experience and understanding is very similar to wine. We want to remove the boujee stories, make information widely and easily palatable for all. We want to bring people who love coffee together, 4 years in the coffee industry and it’s truly an industry filled with passion and community.

I hope you enjoy the content, I have written them personally with obviously a lot of references, and obviously in no intention to represent the world’s opinion, it is a personal journey experience it alone, speaking to different experts and learning from baristas.

As you read them, feel free to feedback to us if you don’t think it’s simple for you. I will do my best to simplify it further

If i may guide you along your journey, I'd suggest you begin with these topics, so you'd get exposure into the foundational aspects of future topics:

1. Taste

2. Types of Coffee Beans, and Its Varities

3. Most common coffee varietals

4. Coffee Belt

5. Single Origins around the globe

STTOKE Academy | 101