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Shipping Times

As a Sustainable brand, STTOKE prioritizes Sustainable modes of transport for all our products. Globally the transport-sector represents 23% of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion and approximately 15% of overall GHG emissions. 

Sustainable Shipping is a holistic management concept for sustainable development, applied to the shipping sector, incorporating environmental and social responsibility. Below are the shipping times to your respective countries. Please Contact Us should you wish to purchase STTOKE if your country is not listed. 

Australia: 12-15 Days

United States: 12-15 Days

Singapore: 8-12 Days

Saudi Arabia: - 8-12 Days

Austria: 8-12 Days

Belgium: 12-15 Days

Bulgaria: 12-15 Days

Canada: 15-20 Days

Croatia: 12-15 Days

Czechia: 8-12 Days

Denmark: 8-12 Days

Estonia: 12-15 Days

Finland: 12-15 Days

France: 12- 15 Days

Germany: 12-15 Days

Hong Kong: 5-8 Days

Hungary: 8-12 Days

Ireland: 12-15 Days

Italy: 8-12 Days

Japan: 5-8 Days

Latvia: 12-15 Days

Lithuania: 12-15 Days

Luxembourg: 12-15 Days

Malaysia: 5-8 Days

Netherlands: 8-12 Days

Poland: 8-12 Days

Portugal: 12-15 Days

Romania: 12-15 Days

Slovakia: 8-12 Days

Slovenia: 12-15 Days

Spain: 12-15 Days

Sweden: 8-12 Days

United Arab Emirates: 8-12 Days 

United Kingdom: 12-15 Days