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What Can I use My Sttoke Cup For?

Take away your coffee/ Drink it on your desk/ Have a longer conversation with your friend or colleague. With Greblon® Ceramic and our Double Wall Insulation, you can enjoy the sip of your beverage without the compromise of taste and temperature for up to 3 hours.

We want every sip of your beverage to taste like your first.

Drink it with Tea/ Hot Chocolate/ Juices, and be rest assured you won't have to taste your container in your beverage.

WARNING: Hot contents can create internal pressure resulting in discharge of hot vapour. Keep the slider opened for liquid above 75°C to release pressure. Always open the lid with cup in upright position away from face to properly release pressure before drinking.

What is a Sttoke Cup made of?

STTOKE are made of high-quality, 304 food-grade stainless steel. They are BPA-free, providing a healthier and safer option to single-use paper cups. To provide a drinking experience equivalent of a ceramic cup, the interior is lined with a German engineered Greblon® Ceramic to allow your beverage to taste as it should.

CAUTION: The external of the cup is not designed for rough usage. DO NOT leave it in your bag as constant heavy friction will scratch off coating. Kindly use the product with care as scratches caused by wear and tear are not covered under warranty.

What is the size and weight of the cup?

8oz = 11.4cm x 8.1cm x 8.4cm, weighing at only 183grams

12oz = 14.4cm x 8.1cm x 8.4cm, weighing at only 249grams

Will a Sttoke cup fit into a coffee machine?

The STTOKE cup stands only 11cm tall, which would fit into any standard commercial and domestic coffee machines.

What does "Keep hot up to 3 hours" mean?

The industry standard of insulation is calculated the drop of 100°c to 55°c. Depending on how you like your coffee/ beverage to be served at initial temperature, the insulation hours varies.

Will I burn my hand holding a Sttoke cup when it's hot?

Not at all. With double wall vacuumed insulation, that means there are 2 layers to the body of the cup. The heat is separated from the inner layer, and the outer layer. The vacuum in between is what keeping your cup hot up till 3 hours.

There wouldn’t even be condensation on the outside of the cup!

Can I put my Sttoke cup in the refrigerator/freezer?

Do not put your STTOKE into the refrigerator/freezer as it can damage the cup and its vacuum seal.

Can I put my Sttoke cup into a microwave?

Do not put your STTOKE in the microwave as it will damage your cup and your microwave.

How do I clean my Sttoke cup?

Wash and rinse the product thoroughly before first use and after each use with a medium soft sponge. Rinse lid immediately after each use with warm water. Hand-wash the body with warm soapy water. STTOKE cups are NOT dishwasher safe! Running a STTOKE through the dishwasher can cause paint to chip and the vacuum seal to become ineffective.

STORAGE: Always store cup with LID REMOVED to allow parts to dry completely. This will help keep your STTOKE looking and smelling fresh.

Where does Sttoke manufacture it's product?

With much research, survey, and development, our cups are thoughtfully designed in Melbourne while our state of the art application of Greblon® Ceramic are responsibly made in China, and only in China.

Does the anodizing/ coating peel?

Good Question!
The anodizing/ coating of a luxurious appealing premium matte finish comes at a cost. Due to its porous nature, we advise for you to handle the product with care to prevent external scratches. We DO NOT advise that you leave the cup in a bag.

Can a Sttoke cup be recycled at the end of its use?

Good, and an Important question!
As mentioned, STTOKE are made of high-quality, 304 food-grade stainless steel. And stainless steel is actively recycled on a large scale around the world by recyclers who collect and process scrap (recycled stainless steel) for re-melting all around the world.
Find out more at Australian Stainless Steel Development Association.

Does the spill-proof lid leak?

We have designed the lid to limit the leak in cases of car/ walking movements. Even if the cup falls on the table, you should only see minimal drops of liquid instead of it pouring all over the table causing a mess.

How to clean my lid?

Contact us at hello@sttoke and we'll send you a guide of how to take proper care of your lid! 

What is the warranty on Sttoke products?

STTOKE offers a TWO-year limited warranty upon registration on all cups purchased from and authorized retailers with proof of purchase.

This warranty covers only manufacturer’s defect:

1. Insulation performance issues

2. Non-polished surfaces (Not including daily usages, wear and tear)


Note: STTOKE reserves the right to not entertain any claims if registration is not done 3 months from purchase.

CAUTION. The external of the cup is not designed for rough usage. DO NOT leave it in your bag as constant heavy friction will scratch off coating. Kindly use the product with care as wear and tear that causes scratches is not covered under warranty.

How do I claim my warranty?

Make sure you have registered your warranty.

To report a claim, please click here. Submit to us your email address and pictures of your cup:

1. Full-length photo of the front of the cup.

2. The bottom of the cup

3. Claimed damage or defect area.

If applicable. STTOKE reserves the right to request the product to be sent to our office for additional review and to verify the claim. All cost of return shipping the product for inspection shall be borne solely by purchaser.

STTOKE will review all cases. In the event that STTOKE deems a replacement is necessary, we will replace the product with the same style and size. If that product is not available, the closest style will be sent as a replacement.

How long does a return process take?

Please allow 7-10 business days to process a return from the day that your items are received back in our warehouse.

Will I receive notification or a tracking number when my order ships?

Yes. Shipment tracking number will be sent to you via email once your order has been processed.

Where is My Order? 

We are a small business, and our goals revolve around sustainability therefore we do believe in rest on the weekends. 

Whilst we do aim for the next business day, kindly allow business days for the team to process your orders during busy periods 

Tracking information will be sent to you once your order is out for delivery 

Estimated delivery times can be found HERE (Include shipping details) 

Important Shipping Information 

We have no control over orders once they are going through a destination customs clearance process and are not responsible for any delays caused by it.  

Orders cannot be re-directed once dispatched. 

Orders may be subject to local custom charges. Once parcel arrives country of destination, recipients are responsible for any custom, import duties and associated fees. For more information about your country’s custom policies, please contact your local customs office.  


If you’ve changed your mind on your order

Please notify us immediately at with your order number and details. 

We only allow order cancellation that have not been processed or dispatched. 

We cannot cancel orders once they are dispatched. Orders cannot be re-directed once dispatched. 

Return Policy 

We regret to inform that international purchases may not be returned for an exchange in the moment.  

If you receive an item in a flawed or damaged condition, or if it doesn’t quite match the description on site, please advise Customer Support at as soon as possible.  

Where possible we will arrange for a new replacement to be sent to you or a return for a full refund of the defective item.  

Sttoke reserves the rights to reject a refund or replacement that do not comply with above terms. 

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