Drip Coffee Series EP 10 - Brewing Nacimiento Coffee

Drip Coffee Series EP 10 - Brewing Nacimiento Coffee


Brewing Nacimiento Coffee

Origin: Honduras
Founder and Farmer: Jobneel Caceres Dios
Varietal: Pacas
Process: Washed
Region: El Cielito
Farm: Finca Nacimiento
Altitude: 1,500m - 1,800m a.s.l.

El Cielito (Little Heaven) is where Finca Nacimiento is situated, part of an extension of the Santa Barbara Mountain overlooking Lake Yoyoa. This small coffee farm is owned and run by Jobneel Caceres Dios together with his beloved wife, Fanny Moreno. This farm is about 20 hectares in size with the wet mill being at the bottom of the farm at 1500m above sea level but the top farm is around 1800m. a.s.l.

This coffee is processed using the washed process and is of the Pacas varietal. This specific variety is the result of a natural and spontaneous mutation of the Bourbon varietal. This variety was first discovered by Fernando Alberto Pacas in El Salvador and named after their family name, Pacas.

The coffees here are selectively hand-picked by hired pickers under the supervision of Jobneel. Coffee cherries are hand-sorted and floated in clean water before being processed. Then, it goes through de-pulping, fermenting then washing. Finally, the drying process is done on raised beds covered with shade for about 20 days or less before the coffees are packed in air-tight grain pro bags for storage.

Naturally, this coffee tastes and smells really sweet with very interesting complexities that add to the drinking experience. It is a very easy coffee to drink with a sweet caramel aroma, toffee sweetness, melon, pomelo, red berries, and dark chocolate with a nice long lingering after taste.

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