5 Reasons Why STTOKE Is The Top Rated Gift for ALL COFFEE ADDICTS ☕️


When you think of 2022 or 2023, the word hustle usually comes to mind. It’s undeniable that with hustle, comes coffee. Loads and loads of coffee. Trust us and kick the guilt out the back door when we say 4 cups of coffee is normal.


If you love coffee, you’d also understand how much it SUCKS when the nectar of the gods go cold just when you need it the most.


Here are 5 reasons why STTOKE is the top rated gift for ALL COFFEE ADDICTS.

1. It keeps your coffee hot/cold for HOURS

Unlike other reusable cups, STTOKE makes every sip like your first. Can you imagine going through long meetings just for your coffee to turn cold? Or enjoying a nice iced latte just for the ice to melt and dilute your coffee? Say goodbye to expensive coffee going to waste.

2. No more leaks!

There’s no better word than ANXIETY when you think of leaks. Prove us wrong. Bring your precious coffee anxiety-free anywhere you go and refuel, anytime. STTOKE fits in all car cup holders too.

3. A Cinderella shoe-fit guarantee

Awarded twice for unmatched design and ergonomics, it was made for a seamless grip experience unlike heavy mugs with handles. STTOKE’s signature design was in development for a year before launching to ensure it matched every outfit you pick.

4. Taste Enhancing Shatter-Proof Ceramic

STTOKE isn’t just any other reusable cup/tumbler, it was made for one thing – To bring out the best of your coffee to bring out the best in you. Using German Engineered Ceramic (the same technology in non-stick frying pans/pots), we ensure that your coffee’s taste isn’t tainted by stainless steel or plastic materials. Enjoy coffee from the farm to your taste buds directly.

5. Trusted by the best

Recognised by the world’s best in the coffee industry, we are proud to call everyone who uses STTOKE an individual of taste. Seen in only the best outlets/cafes, used by the best. Try it out yourself with a 2 Year Free Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


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