Drip Coffee Series EP 1 | Ethiopian Gersay on the G70 brewer

Brew Recipe:
Ratio: 1:15.5
Coffee: 18g
Water: 280g
Grindsize: 20 on the Encore Baratza Grinder
Water Temp: 93 degrees celcius
Brew Directions:
1. Grind coffee to medium grind
2. Wet filter paper thoroughly with hot water
3. Start Pre-Infusion: 60ml @ 35 seconds
4. 2nd Pour: 70ml
5. 3rd Pour: Wait until surface of coffee bed is visible, begin 80ml pour
6. 4th Pour: 60ml
7. Remove filter once surface of coffee bed is visible
8. Give it a swirl, and Coffee Up!
Hint of Rose
Red Plums
Dark Chocolate Finish
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