Drip Coffee Series EP 3 | Brewing Colombian Coffee


 This beautiful coffee is produced by Javier Rubio, together with brother Hector; who are both part of the Tres Rayas Coffee Cooperative. This is a microlot coffee of the San Bernardo Varietal, a naturally dwarfed mutation of Typica. Produced using the Carbonic Maceration process, commonly known to wine-making and now adopted into coffee making. The CM process in coffee is the fermentation of coffee in a CO2 rich environment.

Give it a swirl, and Coffee Up!


Origin: Colombia
Town: Gaitania, Tolima
Farm: El Libano
Altitude: 1,600m – 1,650m


Aroma: Nutmeg
Texture: Rich & Syrup-Like
Notes: Vanilla, Green Grapes, Strawberry, Wine


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